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The dead will walk the earth.. Horror reviews.
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st-MK [userpic]

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30 Days of Night

~ Spoilers ~

The movie about phantoms of the night. The creators wished to deviate from romantic image of vampires and return them in their natural animal condition that casts primitive fear.
This feature film was announced as a horror movie about vampires. Both horror and vampires have turned out so real as far as modern cinema can create. Story, people and scenery of action are merely a background.

Perpetual Mindfuck [userpic]

Feast (2005)

Director: John Gulager

It seems whenever I post here it's usually about the horrors (no pun intended) of horror, stuff that makes even C-grade films look good. I think it's about time that was changed.

I know that this film has already been mentioned previously, but hell, I can definitely add more to it.

Now, when I was first told about this film I was a little apprehensive about watching it, a slew of producers or producer with name/s generally doesn't help a film (like Hostel, for example), but after some goading I willed myself into watching it. And to be honest I was rather surprised. If I were to classify it I'd have to say it was a horror/black comedy, almost verging on horror parody, which was rather surprising.

The premise itself is quite a simple and already used one (think of the first 'Dusk till Dawn'), a bunch of people trapped in a bar until they're suddenly besieged by a troupe of randy man eating monsters. But from the start of the film you can tell it's going to be something a little different, right from the way they introduce all the characters where you're given each person in the bar as the beginning unfolds while getting their name/occupation or 'fun fact'/ and their life expectancy in the film. Most of which are fairly humorous. Storyline wise, this film isn't anything challenging and rather straightforward for the most part, but that's alright as that's what it's supposed to be, you can pretty much see where most of it will go, it's just how it gets there that's the fun part. The part of the film that really got me was the use of the humour, which is mostly on the darker side of things including a few crude instances and the way that the film tends to play around with the typical horror stereotypes. All of which usually end up in some gory/disgusting way.

Although one particular annoying part was 'the blonde' trying to load a desert eagle by trying to shove a bullet into the barrel, tip first. One of the few groan worthy parts to the film, and rather lazy considering everything else.

The effects are pretty good, done more of an old school sort of way (suits and puppets, as opposed to that C.G. monster crap which would kill a film like this, even if they could afford it), and the gore effects are pretty simple, yet excessively effective. The acting is fairly good, no overtly cheesy dialogue is present (where it's not intended) and the casting is fairly entertaining too (I particularly enjoyed Henry Rollins playing a rather incompetent motivational speaker and Jason Mewes of 'Jay and Silent Bob' fame playing himself).

All in all it's a fairly entertaining film, definitely something a little different to what I was expecting but still a great deal of bloody, crude fun nonetheless. Definitely one of the better films I've seen recently.

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moochie fuckin [userpic]


Three girls go to Prague this time to stay in our friendly hostel.
But the concept of what Hostel is about is expanded. There's more bad guys, the depth of who all is a member of this exclusive club has grown exponentially.
So we are given an almost grapes of wrath experience. Switching from the girls to two guys in particular who are fulfilling the terms of this contract.
The two men are most of the comic relief.
Some of the players become more obvious early on. But there's a few moments that don't really make any sense as to the role of the character, any background or growth. We even have our dirty kids from the first one.

I sort of guessed the ending because of some key information that was put out, but the very end of the movie is my favorite. Hilarity.

I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one, but there are some elements that make it worthwhile.

2 and 3/4 stars. (getting star searchy up in this bitch.)

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moochie fuckin [userpic]

Imagine my delight when browsing IMDB and I get the ad for the 8 Horror Films to Die for. I wasn't able to catch them in the theater while they were local, but they're available on dvd now, so I picked up a couple and popped in Unrest.

Med students get a cadaver that gives one of them (the female as it were) the creeps.

Jesus previews are pissing me off. They're pretty much showing the only shit that's good these days.Collapse )
One star. A. One.

amo Queen [userpic]

Hi! I'm doing a documentary about the making of Teenagers From Outer Space.

I'm keeping a blog detailing the facts I uncover about Tom Graeff and his influential cult film, and the interviews I'm doing with such notables as Lloyd Kaufman, Roger Corman, Mike Nelson, and the cast of Teenagers from Outer Space. If you're interested, I also have a site for the film coming soon at http://www.tomgraeff.org/ where my research and more will be available online.

Hope some of you are interested, it's a great film and hopefully will be an informative project!


moochie fuckin [userpic]

Got shit on with some last minute duty yesterday/last night. I had gone to Herr Video rental and picked up four movies.
When I was younger, it was my distinct pleasure to go visit the horror section and view all the titles and covers of the movies available. These days, those movies that captured my interest are harder to come by. Original and classic horror films. Now you can find stuff like "Goth" and "Vampyre" somethingorother. A collection of shitty ideas churned and rechurned with minor differences of plot, character and title. I mean, for fuck's sake, "Ghost Rig???" Hello "we've run out of ideas!"

I was looking for some specific ones that weren't there, but some others were. I came home with High (or Haute) Tension


The Hitcher

and one which I slept through, so I'll save it for another time.

ScannersCollapse )

The HitcherCollapse )

4 stars.

Finally, High Tension.Collapse )</

Carny the BJ [userpic]

Remember Ed Wood is a night of horror and b-movie rockn'roll with a
free midnight screening of Plan 9 from Outer Space to kick off a
campaign to get Ed Wood a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After all,
its the Hollywood Walk of Fame, not the Hollywood Walk of Talent, right?
Bands include Creature Feature, the resurrected Penis Flytrap featuring
The Aberration and Dr. Satan, Demonia and Glen or Glenda. Burlesque by
Renee du Jour and Miss La Diva. Puppet show by Baboon Torture Division.
Proceeds will go towards the Ed Wood Star Fund.
For more information about the Ed Wood campaign, click

Time: 9pm - 2am


$10 before midnight

Free movie screening at midnight


Dapper Cadaver

5519 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028


BJ or Eileen Winslow



moochie fuckin [userpic]

Hostel via IMDB

So...LGF is moving up in the biz...the horror movie biz that is.
They brought us SAW 1 and 2, and have more in the works for us fans in the future. Yay, I say.

Tonight we have Hostel. Three guys backpacking in Europe, (what good american college student doesn't? ha!) trying to plunge themselves knee-deep in T&A, and this film has LOTS of them, and amazingly enough, they're all....perfect! (At least by the mainstream standards)
I dunno, I liked them.

When one of their trio goes missing after partying, they are disturbed, but he wasn't American. They reconcile that maybe that's just the way foreigners do things.

We soon find out otherwise, and so on.

Part The Cell, part Saw, part Surviving the Game, part a lot of things. However, despite the fact that it takes so long to figure out exactly why things are happening the way they are, it's not predictable, and there are some hilarious moments in this film. I don't mean the unintended hilarity, I mean, these people were on the ball when they made this film and threw in some really fucking funny stuff.
Even though some of it, you're just getting over a cringeworthy scene...well....I really liked it.

There's not too many dumb moments. Like, when you're watching something and you get analytical and you're like "well this doesn't make any sense, it's just stupid."
It's the right combination, the script isn't stupid, the gore is well done, over all, I think at least 4 1/2 stars. I'd say 5, but I don't want the horror nazi's jumping my ass for it.

At least see it for the T&A.

Perpetual Mindfuck [userpic]

Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)

Directors: : Ana Clavel & James Glenn Dudelson
* (Not even THAT)

To give you a very good idea of what you will be about to get into while reading this, this is what was written on the back of the case this was in (italics added by me)...

Both a prequel and a sequel to George A Romero's landmark zombie movie...

...yeah... if you think thats bad... you obviously haven't seen the film. (And I do apologise for the below too)

Where to start...Collapse )

Carny the BJ [userpic]

This job affords me oppurtunities to do I know few others have experienced. For example, how many of you have ever ruined another human beings funeral?

It was over the summer, I was doing a series of Hearse jobs for a major family themepark out in a cemetery on the east side of LA. Pause there for a moment, what an incredible time we live in when an amusement park sets it's commericals in a cemetery, a funeral home, and a crematorium. There slogan was something to the effect of "Live life like your gonna die, cause your gonna, (so go to our themepark)" and "Your working yourself to death! (go to our themepark)" I loved it.

Part II: What the Hearse Took
rental hearse

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