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The dead will walk the earth.. Horror reviews.
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moochie fuckin [userpic]

Sleepaway Camp

I can't believe this one hasn't been reviewed, this is a fucking classic.

Sleepaway camp takes the jason genre in a surreal and interesting direction. Summer camp movies are bound to have patterned themes; Chicks that grew tits over the summer and turned into raging bitches/whores, ridiculous wardrobes, and absurd exchanges. Sleepaway managed to still make up some new shit and cause discomfort.

After a boating accident kills a father and one of his two kids, the surviving child is sent to with an aunt. Angela is quiet and terrified of swimming because of the accident. Rick is protective of his cousin and spends most of his time defending her from jerkasses and other misbehavior. Angela's quiet nature and her "special treatment" of not having to participate in all events, and especially not having to swim, and being able to shower by herself without the rest of the girls earns her the disdain and mistreatment by some of the other campers. Meanwhile Paul, a fellow camper, sees more to Angela and begins valiantly courting her, despite interference and derision.
Eventually accidents start happening, bodies start piling and the ending is a stunning wrapup and answer to a few questions, as well as a few surreal scenes.

5 stars, bitches. Once you've seen it, you too will know all there is to know. *jazz hands*

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moochie fuckin [userpic]

It Will Get Under Your Skin

From /x/ a fine sir of the internets offers "Horror Fix" a livestream channel on which Thursday nights we are treated to three horror movies, if you are present for all three you get to cast a vote on which film is the winner of the night. For future events, see Horror Fix/Fest

Last night I caught Splinter, a wicked, disgusting little parasite that turns your body into a splintery, breaky mess. Couple A, a nerdtastic guy and his girlfriend, who has more balls than he does are out to take a camping trip. Couple B, some fugitives are trying to make their escape. As coincidence would have it, and because it was in the script, they meet up and end up trapped in a gas station/convenience store.

Once the action starts, it's a pretty gritty pace and for the first time in a long time, scared the piss out of me, and made me cringe in discomfort.
The finish, is not as impressive as it's beginning, and some of the effects are laughable.

Wanted to give it 4 stars, but not being able to carry awesome sauce all the way through caused a little butthurt. So, 3 1/2 stars from me. GO SEE IT.

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moochie fuckin [userpic]


An interesting concept, instead of cutting people to pieces, this crazy doctor is going to surgically connect entire people together to create his mad scientist creation of a human centipede. With an element of 2 girls 1 cup to it, the horror is pretty much only in the retarded dialogue and poor acting, and the completely lackidasical approach to facts when it comes to dna/biology/etc etc etc.

Barring that, it's worth as much as watch as it is to make your grandmother sit through 2girls1cup and tape her reaction. The good doctor could have taken it farther in making their appendages move more like a centipede, instead of three jerks, butt to nut.

Well, you'll see what I mean. ROLL TAPE.

2 1/2

Hey guys, saw this on FEARnet.com and wanted to share. Most movie sites have their top movies of 2009 lists, but FEARnet has their top HORROR movies of '09, which I thought was pretty awesome.

And now, without further ado...
FEARnet's Top 9 Horror Movies of '09!

moochie fuckin [userpic]

Death Bell

Part Saw, part Battle Royale (according to IMDB). Slick and quick paced, not enough time to get bored. Students selected for a special "smarter than the rest of you" class are forced to solve difficult problems in order to spare fellow students/friends from being murdered by an unknown.
One character's presence remains a mystery, but for an opportunity to provide creepy mood, and suspicion. I give the movie five stars because it's an awesome fun time and there's an intentionally hilarious scene as the credits roll.



Dr. Strange [userpic]

The Strangers

The Strangers - Warning SpoilersCollapse )

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I co-host a show called Double Feature. The idea is every week we talk about two films, each of which one of us hasn't seen. You can subscribe in iTunes to get the episodes.

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There's already over 50 films on the show. We talk about stuff from all genres, and our most popular episodes seem to be our horror ones. We think horror doesn't get the same kind of indepth conversations other genres do, so we'll talk about stuff other shows won't even touch. The show is very director centric, and a good way to lean about films. Here's some of our more popular episodes:

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We've got a lot more cult cinema coming up too.

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